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I read a fascinating post from Chase Jarvis this got me to look at my photos taken with my iPhone. Most are boring. Random friends. Inconsequential objects, ticket enforcers, and then some were better than ordinary.

I had a thought of what I should do. I am not very good at taking pictures of people. Mostly as I am not good at talking with strangers. I thought that this might be a way to anchor this process, give it a focus if you will. Sadly neither is the iPhone god with people photos. Well its good for taking reference shots for an address book, but its not so great for artful, at least in my hands. After pestering a number of random strangers I gave up on this idea. I would stay with found objects, scenes, curiosities.

I have been trying to find a way to get photos directly from the phone to my website. Nothing that I can find does that job. I have to use my lap/desk-top to get photos onto the site. All other processing is in phone. I did find a few convoluted ways to move material from the iPhone to MobileMe or Flickr etc and then to my website, but this was as hard as download to my desktop and uploading again.

So here are the first few images. These will be culled, curated, mixed, and generally played with to create a thing.


Dummy SpitDummy Spit Just chaining my invisible urgesJust chaining my invisible urges

Acid social commentary

Pipe dreams

End of the roadEnd of the road

This almost caused me to go under a tram. So horrible in so many ways. What was the designer thinking of

Helvettica isn't always goodHelvettica isn't always good Self portrait in blueSelf portrait in blue PatternPattern Now where did I leave my bike?Now where did I leave my bike? Seen ouside a local pub.I dropped my purse have you seen it?I dropped my purse have you seen it?

In the Bourke Street Mall is ths wonderful sculpture. It is usually covered with kids who simply can’t resist climbing on it.

Rainbow at lorneRainbow at lorne

At lorne and this rianbow apperaed and even though my big camera was in Lorne it was too too far away so the trusty iPhone had to do the job.

Police on Horses in my streetPolice on Horses in my street

Not what you see everyday, ok not what you see ever. mounted police in my tiny litte street in Colingwood.

Telstra delivering the internet one dead tree at a timeTelstra delivering the internet one dead tree at a time Save MeSave Me WallWall DropletDroplet

On a wonderfully beautiful autumn day in Fitzroy.
Bricks and ShadowsBricks and Shadows


A late night in a cafe somewhere. Proving that the iPhone and low light equals colour noise.

Glasses @ orangeGlasses @ orange

A chilly day in Fitzroy

Fitzroy in AutumFitzroy in Autum Texture of wallTexture of wall

The Queen Victoria Market

Belts BucklesBelts Buckles I still call Australia Home, even if I was Made In ChinaI still call Australia Home, even if I was Made In China Bucket TopologyBucket Topology Leaf mosaicLeaf mosaic

The Block is an import part of Melbourne today and Melbourne from one of its Golden heydays. The Block was the place to be seen, it still is in a fin de siècle sort of a way. One of the features of the block is the wonderful mosaics that cover all of the pubic spaces. Glorious Victorian age of empire harking back to an even earlier empire. Empires now faded to the corner of a flag.

Bronze ManBronze Man StrivingStriving

There are 3 bronze men on the corner of Burke and Swanston Streets. I love these statues harried businessmen looking for all the world as though they too will take flight and cross the road. At almost any time of the day you will see a tourist posing with them. I considered making this a project, but it is such a busy part of town that it wold always be challenge to produce that definitive image of each poser so after a few 10s of shots shelved the idea.

Objeject of desireObjeject of desire Object of LustObject of Lust

Seen in Myers window. These shoes are part of a large display allegedly abou the wizard of Oz, and catering to shoe fetishes everywhere.

Public StripesPublic Stripes Self Portrait Number 2Self Portrait Number 2 Things of times pastThings of times past

Just how good, or bad is the iPhone camera. It is a 2 megapixel camera. It works very well in good light. Once you have acquired the skills of using your hands like a steady cam it can take good photos. Not in low light, not of fast moving objects, not of your mates in a dark and mysterious bar. Unless of course you have the sort of friends that are enhanced by colour noise. We all have some of them, but not all our friends are like that. Surely?

But give it a steady hand and some light, well really a lot of light and the results are good.

EggsEggs Ying YangYing Yang Self PortraitSelf Portrait PipePipe AbstractAbstract TilesTiles

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